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We specialize in creating modern design solutions for any business.
Tailored to provide the highest level of support for your project.
We as a General Contractor provide you with the highest quality and reliable results.
We can help to ensure that you stand out from the competition.

Contractors & Construction Manager since 2012

We can call you and help with your problem, just leave us your phone number.

Whatever the scale of the project, We offer a complete range of construction services, along with the flexibility to self-perform. MORE
We will identify and address any problems that may arise due to mismatches between the actual service delivery and the expected service delivery. MORE
We as a general contractor is responsible for the overall management, coordination, and successful completion of the project. MORE
Why choose our company?
What systems do you have in place to ensure project timelines are met?

We plan ahead and allocate resources and personnel to each project, use scheduling software to monitor progress, and strive for clear communication with our clients to ensure project timelines are met.

What methods do you use to minimize construction waste and minimize environmental impact?

We use lean construction methods and recycle materials where possible to minimize construction waste and reduce environmental impact.

How do you measure customer satisfaction with your services?

We measure customer satisfaction through surveys and feedback sessions, which helps us identify areas for improvement in our services.

“From the very beginning of the projects’ design and construction process, it was clear that the Khleegy Construction team was bringing a wide range of experience and a willingness to work together with BGSU. The professional manner in which your staff led our team’s approach to the project tasks and challenges, helped make the process and project a success.”
Michael A. Schuessler
Senior Project Manager, Bowling Green State University (Greek Housing Project)
“…I have to say, your team has been phenomenal at every turn. Your partnership has been second to none…”
Lindsay Zern
Project Manager, Target

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We can call you and help with your problem, just leave us your phone number.